On this is an online class, lectures are a combination of slides, short videos – and required reading plus self-guided exercises. We will aim to upload the lecture slides weekely.

Office Hours

Title Name Email Office Hours
Instructor Dirk Eddelbuettel online via blackboard Wed 6:30pm-7:30pm
Course Assistant Alton Barbehenn Illini Hall 104 Mon + Wed 11am-noon

The same table is at Syllabus/overview.

Computer-Based Testing Exams

The following dates have been reserved:

Week From To Late
Week 3 Fri, Feb 1 Mon, Feb 4 Tue, Feb 5
Week 5 Fri, Feb 15 Mon, Feb 18 Tue, Feb 19
Week 7 Fri, Mar 1 Mon, Mar 4 Tue, Mar 5
Week 9 Mon, Mar 11 Wed, Mar 13 Thu, Mar 14
Week 12 Fri, Apr 5 Mon, Apr 8 Tue, Apr 9
Week 14 Fri, Apr 19 Mon, Apr 22 Tue, Apr 23

Each exam will be a standard CBFT session of 50 minutes. Please see the CBTF site for hours. Note that the weekend is in fact included so you generally have four complete days to choose the one hour block for your 50 minutes exam.


We aim to have a homework each week prior to the CBTF quiz.

Week Given Due
Homework 1 – Week 2 Thu, Jan 24 Thu, Jan 31
Homework 2 – Week 4 Fri, Feb 08 Thu, Feb 14
Homework 3 – Week 6 Fri, Feb 22 Thu, Feb 28
Homework 4 – Week 9 Fri, Mar 15 Thu, Mar 28
Homework 5 – Week 13 Thu, Apr 11 Thu, Apr 18
Homework 6 – Week 15 Fri, Apr 26 Fri, May 03

Project Presentations

Group projects started after reading week. Teams have been formed.

We are aiming for lightning talk presentations by each team on May 2, 2019, from 2pm to 4:40pm in Room 138, Henry Administration Building.

More details will be forthcoming– but the general idea is to have five minutes per team along with five slides per team. Both limits are hard. Teams are expected to have presentation-ready slides in the RStudio Cloud environment (Markdown presentation). More details will be forthcoming.

The overall deadline for the group project will be Saturday, May 4, at 8pm.