In following well-establisged programming practice, we will aim to keep a log of changes here to make it easier for you to immediately see which items have been updated. More recent items will be at the top.

Apr 28

Apr 21

Apr 14

Apr 7

  • Docker content in lecture 23 (with one video) and lecture 24 (with two videos) has been uploaded.
  • The Schedule page was updated with information about the group projects.

Mar 31

Mar 24

Mar 10

  • Slides, videos and code examples for lecture 17 and lecture 18 have been posted. Reading week is next week, so there will a short break.

Mar 4

Mar 1

Feb 24

Feb 18

Feb 10

Feb 3

Feb 2

Jan 30

  • Updated the Assessments of the Syllabus to note the 8:00pm deadline on Thursday, and added some details about PrairieLearn submissions.

Jan 27

  • A new video for lecture 05 on ®Markdown was just posted.
  • Some of you noticed that the homework questions 1 and 2 overlapped. That was an error on our end; a corrected question 1 has been posted.
  • Please continue to use GitHub issues in our (access restricted) ‘Spring 2019 discussion’ repo at stat430dspm/sp19-disc for discussion.
  • Please use the Google Form link emailed several times to let us know your GitHub id – given your U of I / NetID which is also needed to access the form.

Jan 23

  • It would appear that the RStudio Cloud Terminal is back. Here’s hoping it stays for the length of the course.
  • Added an entry to the FAQ with details about caching your git credentials to not have to type every your password on every commit.

Jan 22

  • Two more videos about git where added to lecture (3 and) 4.
  • We need more of you to map your NetID @ Illinois and your GitHub id: see the Google Form link in the Blackboard announcement.
  • The RStudio Cloud Terminal may be back soon. Fingers crossed…

Jan 19

Jan 16

  • Resources/websites/: add link to new GitHub repo for issues and discussion; please use the (emailed) link to a Google Doc to provide your GitHub id (see yesterday’s announcement at compass2g/blackboard).
  • Noted on pages for lectures 01 and 02 that RStudio Cloud currently has no terminal for us which is a bit of an issue for us. We will keep everyone posted as we learn more. One alternative for Windows users who are comfortable installing software might be git-bash; bash can be added to macOS.

Jan 15

  • Syllabus/Assessment count corrected to six as on the Schedule page.
  • Note added on Syllabus/Assessment that some items may still be in the process of getting finalized.
  • Instructor email on Syllabus/Getting Help page corrected to (i.e. no second hyphen after 430).
  • The FAQ has a new section on Technical Issues for Google and GitHub.